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What to do and what not to do during a heat wave? .. And how do you protect yourself?

With temperatures soaring to 40 degrees and above in the past few weeks causing alarm to many and global warming.

According to the site thehealthsiteToday, we will tell you what to do and what not to do about a heat wave that can keep you protected.

How to protect yourself from heat waves?

The most important thing to protect yourself from health problems during a heat wave is to stay hydrated. Other than that, you need to follow a healthy diet pattern that suits the weather conditions. You also need to make some lifestyle changes that can help you tackle this heat wave..

What do you do in a heat wave?

1. Avoid going out of the house or try to stay in shaded places when you go out to work.

2. Use a hat, umbrella and carry a towel when you go out of your house.

3. Wear light clothes and try to wear thin and loose-fitting clothes.

4. Drink water at frequent intervals, and fresh fruit juices.

5. Try to eat more fruits such as watermelon, orange, lemon, cucumber and others that have a high water content.

6. Use indoor plants, coolers and air conditioners to regulate temperature and fresh air.

If your family member gets sick, move them to cool places, and use sponges regularly to maintain body temperature.

What not to do in a heat wave?

Try to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, especially in the afternoon and three in the evening.

Do not do any exercise or strenuous activity in the afternoon

Avoid drinking coffee, tea and soft drinks during a heat wave

Never leave your pets or children unattended in vehicles or enclosed areas under the sun.

Avoid wearing any dark or tight-fitting synthetic clothing.

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