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What are the tests that detect viruses?

Virus analysis is a set of analyzes that help discover the types of viruses a person is infected with, and samples are taken from blood, urine, stool, saliva, or spinal fluid.

The report, published on the website,myhealthVirus analysis contributes to the detection of sores, HIV, measles, herpes, influenza, chickenpox, hepatitis viruses, and rubella.

The tests that detect infection with the aforementioned viruses are:

Antibody test:

It is done by drawing a sample of blood to detect the presence of antibodies in the body, which are produced by the immune system to eliminate viruses, and contribute to determining that this person actually has a viral infection.

Viral antigen detection test

Viral antigen is an element that attaches to infected cells in the event of a viral infection.

Cultivation of the virus

It is the analysis, the results of which may take several weeks to appear, and is done by taking a sample of tissue or liquid suspected of infection and cultivating it in the laboratory in an environment suitable for the growth of viruses.

Virus genetic material detection test

It is one of the precise viruses through which the virus causing a viral infection can be identified very accurately.

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