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The Ministry of Planning launches the activities of the fifth session of summer training for university students

Today, the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development launched the activities of the fifth session of summer training for university students for the current year 2022.

Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, stressed the importance of the role of youth in the state, as Egypt is distinguished by the fact that 60% of its population is young, explaining that youth are the true national wealth that must be exploited optimally, stressing the keenness of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development to provide many ways and mechanisms Which contribute to working on developing their skills and benefiting from their young ideas and creativity as future leaders, referring to the initiatives offered by the ministry, the Be an Ambassador and Climate Ambassadors initiative, as well as the Pioneers 2030 project, and the summer training that the ministry provides annually to university students.

For his part, Tariq Abdel-Khaleq, Advisor to the Minister of Planning and Economic Development for Human Resources, reviewed the work of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development and the files it is working on, explaining that the ministry is responsible for the effective planning and management efficiency of government investments in the country to achieve sustainable economic development and social justice in the country.

Abdel-Khaleq confirmed that the training period will witness a number of workshops presented by a number of sector officials in the ministry to review an overview of each sector and unit, and field visits to the ministry’s agencies.

Abdel-Khaleq added that the objectives of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, with regard to the field of planning, include preparing long, medium and short-term sustainable development plans, participating in the preparation of program and performance plans, working on diversifying sources of funding for development plans and programs, and advancing partnership mechanisms with the private sector and civil society.

Abdel-Khaleq added that with regard to the ministry’s objectives in the field of economic development, it is represented in formulating the national sustainable development strategy: Egypt’s Vision 2030 in coordination with the ministries and concerned authorities and following up on their implementation, preparing international reports to assess indicators for the implementation of sustainable development goals, defining overall goals for economic development, and proposing policies economic means to achieve it.

Abdel Khaleq also reviewed the bodies affiliated with the ministry, referring to the National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development, the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, the National Planning Institute, and the Demographic Center in Cairo, which is responsible for projects related to the development of the Egyptian family. Abdel Khaleq also referred to the Egypt Award for Government Excellence and its importance in creating a spirit of competition. The Ministry’s Rowad 2030 project, which was implemented to enable young people to establish private institutions and enhance the role of entrepreneurship.

Abdel-Khaleq added that the year 2018 witnessed the participation of 49 students in the summer training provided by the ministry, while the number increased in 2019 to reach 79 students, and in 2020 the year of Corona witnessed the participation of only 5 students, and in 2021 witnessed the participation of 51 students, continuing that the year witnessed the participation of 60 students Among the universities of Ain Shams, Cairo and Helwan, the American, German, and British universities, Sadat Academy and the University of the Future.

During the workshop, the work team of the Human Resources Unit at the Ministry gave a brief presentation on the work of the unit and its internal departments.

The workshop was attended by Tariq Abdel-Khaleq, Advisor to the Minister for Human Resources, Eng. Khaled Mustafa, Permanent Representative of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, Jamil Helmy, Assistant Minister for Follow-up Affairs of the Sustainable Development Plan, Eng. Ashraf Abdel Hafeez, Assistant to the Minister for Digital Transformation, Mohamed Farid, Assistant Minister for National Projects, Kamal Nasr, Assistant Minister for Technical Office Affairs, and a number of heads of sectors.

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