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The Ministry of Planning: 665 billion pounds in investments directed to the transport sector within 8 years

The Egyptian state has implemented giant projects in various fields that achieve progress and development. Infrastructure projects, especially transport projects, had the largest share of that plan, which was positively reflected in improving the arrangement of the roads, railways and maritime transport sectors in the International Competitiveness Report

A report by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development indicated the development of public investments directed to the transport sector, as public investment directed to the transport sector exceeded 665 billion pounds during the previous eight years (14/2015-21/2022), with a rate of more than 454%, compared to the previous eight years ( 2007/06-13/2014), where the annual investments directed to the sector increased from 16.2 billion pounds in 2014/13 to 222.5 billion pounds in 21/2022, with a growth rate of 1273%.

وأوضح التقرير أن الاستثمارات الكليّة لقطاع النقل بخطة عام (22/2023) تُقدّر ِبنَحْو 307 مليار جنيه فِى عَامٍ الخِطّة، ويخُص الْهَيْئَات الاقْتِصَادِيَّة نَحْو 72% مِن الْإِجْمَالِى، كَمَا تُشكّلُ الاستثمارات الْعَامَّةِ فِى مَجْمُوعِهَا نَحْوَ 91% مِن إجْمَالِى استثمارات الْقِطَاع، وتعطى هذه الاستثمارات الأولويّة To finish the projects that are close to completion and the national projects that have an economic impact on the business climate, in addition to the projects that have a critically important dimension.

On the most important programs and initiatives that have been implemented, the report of the Ministry of Planning referred to the National Roads Project, where 7,000 km of new roads were built, bringing the total lengths of the free, highway and main road network to 30,000 km, with a growth rate of 11%, in addition to developing and raising the efficiency of 10,000 km of the network. Existing roads, in addition to the expansion of the construction of transverse axes. The number of axes on the Nile has increased from 38 axes to 59 axes, with a growth rate of 55%, in addition to the upper bridges, where 1,000 overpasses and tunnels were built, bringing the total to 2,500 overpasses and tunnels with a growth rate of 150%.

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