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Stability of chicken prices in the markets.. and a kilo of 37 pounds for the consumer

Poultry prices in Egypt today, Sunday, July 17, 2022, witnessed a remarkable stability in the selling price of farms as well as to the consumer, and the prices of a kilo of chickens reached at levels ranging from 32-33 pounds for the delivery of farm land, and the price of a kilo to the consumer is about 37 pounds and the maximum price is 40 pounds, and the price of the kilo varies from one region to another.

The average price of white chicken today

The price of a kilo of white is 32 pounds per kilo on the farm.

The price of the Sassu on the farm is 47 pounds per kilo.

A white chick registers a price of 6 pounds to 6.25 pounds.

Sasso chick 4.25 to 4.50 pounds per kilo.

White mums 27 pounds.

Egg prices in Egypt

The price of a carton of eggs in farms recorded a slight increase at 64 pounds for white eggs, and the price of a carton of red eggs reached 67 pounds and a carton of municipal eggs 58 pounds.

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