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Reassure yourself and know the signs of severe depression

Depression is a common but serious illness and its severity ranges widely. If you have a milder case, you may experience symptoms including sadness, irritability, anger, and fatigue that last for weeks or longer. This depression interferes with your daily life and relationships, but some cases of depression are more severe, with Severe symptoms may include decreased appetite, weight loss, trouble sleeping, and recurrent thoughts of death or suicide webmd

Symptoms of major depression

Insomnia or excessive sleep

Nervousness and irritability

Loss of interest in activities that were previously enjoyable


Constant thoughts of something bad happening

Thoughts of death, suicide, or suicide attempts

In very severe cases, psychotic symptoms (eg hallucinations or delusions)

Inability to take care of oneself, such as eating, bathing, or fulfilling family or work responsibilities

Even though you may feel hopeless, talk to your doctor about treatment options as even severe depression symptoms can be treated.

Risk factors for suicide

Not all people with risk factors will be suicidal. In addition to depression or other mental illness, risk factors for suicide include the following:

Current or past history of drug use

Past history of attempted suicide

A family history of suicide

A family history of mental illness or substance abuse

Firearms at home


feelings of despair

Suicidal thoughts for severely depressed people

For people with severe depression, suicide is a real threat. Each year, about 30,000 people commit suicide in the United States, although the true number may be higher. Some suicides go unrecognized because they are classified as accidents, drug overdose, or shootings. Among people whose depression is not treated, up to 15% will kill themselves.

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