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Learn about the COVID-19 antibody test

A COVID-19 antibody test, also called a serology test, is a blood test to see if you have had a previous infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). A current infection with the Covid 19 virus, according to what was published by a website webmd

Antibodies are proteins produced by the immune system in response to infection, and the immune system recognizes foreign substances on the body and helps the body fight infections and diseases, and after infection with the Covid 19 virus, it can take the body between two to three weeks to form enough The antibodies can be detected by the test, so it is important not to rush the test.

It may be possible to detect antibodies in the blood for several months or more after recovering from COVID-19, although these antibodies may provide some immunity against COVID-19, and there is currently insufficient evidence to know how long these antibodies remain or how much previous infection may contribute to infection. Prevention of recurrence of infection, and there are some confirmed and suspected cases of recurrence of infection, but they are rare, and to learn more about immunity, scientists continue to study antibodies to Covid 19 in addition to other components of the immune system.

The results of a COVID-19 antibody test could be:


A positive result means that there are antibodies to Covid 19 in the blood, which indicates previous infection with the virus, and it is possible to obtain a positive test result even if there are no symptoms of Covid 19.


A negative test means that there are no antibodies to COVID-19 and this indicates the possibility of a previous COVID-19 infection, since the body takes some time to be able to form antibodies, false negative results are possible if the blood sample is taken too soon after starting infection.

People who have had COVID-19 or have a positive antibody test result should not assume that they are protected from recurring COVID-19 infection.

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