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Iron and steel prices in Egypt.. 17670 pounds per ton

The seventh day publishes the average prices of iron and steel in factories in trading today, Sunday, with the stability of the iron price since the beginning of this month, after reducing prices by about 500 pounds per ton.

Iron prices today.

The price of a ton of Ezz Steel is 17670 pounds

The price of Suez Steel is 17,570 pounds

The price of Beshai Steel is 17,500 pounds

Egyptian Iron 17,570 pounds

Al-Juyoushi Steel 17,300 pounds per ton.

Al-Garhy iron 17300 pounds

Iron boats 17550 pounds

Misr Steel 17450 pounds per ton

The Chamber of Metallurgical Industries in the Federation of Industries attributed the continued decline in the prices of the rebar product in local factories at the beginning of this month to the noticeable decline in the prices of bilt ore on stock exchanges and global markets, specifically in the Russian market, where the price of a ton of bilt ore is currently recording $570 per ton, compared to $820 at the beginning of the month. The crisis of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

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