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If you were born normal, foods that will help you from pineapple

When the date of birth approaches, many women become anxious and stressed, and the reason is fear of childbirth, and therefore the seventh day monitored many foods and drinks that help upcoming women to have a natural birth, because they contribute greatly to reducing pain and softening the cervix.

According to the report published onhealthlineWe will learn about the most prominent of these foods and drinks that facilitate the natural birth process, including:


It contains the enzyme “bromelain”, which helps to soften the cervix, and facilitates the birth process, so when the date of birth approaches, eat more pineapple.


It produces prostaglandins that contribute to softening the cervix and reducing uterine contractions, so take it, but without taking it too much, because it may cause you to suffer from diarrhea, and cramps in the intestines and stomach.

-the Garlic

It is one of the popular and well-known foods that stimulate natural childbirth.

Grape vinegar or balsamic vinegar

You can put it on green salad, or on any food you eat, as it has been proven to help facilitate the birth process.

-Castor oil

It is a good trick to facilitate the birth process, so you can take a spoonful of it after a meal.

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