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How is mental health insurance possible? .. The Egyptian Federation reveals the details

The Egyptian Insurance Federation, through its weekly bulletin, touched on mental health insurance, and explained that the concept of mental health includes the social, mental and psychological well-being of a person.

The most important effects resulting from improving a person’s mental health:

Improving physical health, aiding recovery from organic diseases, enhancing sleep quality, increasing productivity, and improving relationships with others

Mental health insurance

The demand for mental health coverage within the benefits of health insurance began to increase, especially after some academic psychiatrists and doctors specializing in this field stated that mental illnesses are less expensive than organic diseases. There have also been calls in some countries, such as the UAE, India and the United States of America, calling for the necessity of issuing a binding law to include mental health care products in insurance policies.

What does mental health insurance cover?

Any expenses incurred by the insured in case of necessity requiring hospitalization due to any mental or psychological illness; It also includes diagnostic expenses, medication and treatment costs.

A small number of insurance companies also cover psychological counseling sessions and counseling related to psychological or mental illnesses under the item of examination in outpatient clinics.

Psychiatric or mental illness covered by insurance

Severe depression, bipolar disorder.


Obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Post-traumatic stress disorder.

mood disorder;

mental disorder

The main challenges facing mental health insurance

Feeling ashamed or ashamed of a patient suffering from mental disorders. The readiness of insurance companies to integrate mental health benefits into insurance policies, as the price factor is still an obstacle to many employers taking the decision to integrate these benefits into their employees’ insurance policies. Increasing the awareness of economic entities and changing their culture so that they understand the importance of supporting the mental health of employees, which leads to a decrease in absenteeism rates and significantly affects the net income of the institution or company.

The role of the Egyptian Insurance Federation:

Believing in the importance of the role of insurance in creating a sound community environment and contributing to achieving a better life for all, the Union always seeks to develop the insurance thought within the Egyptian market and try to develop insurance products to suit the changing needs of customers and contribute to maintaining the integrity of the community environment. The Federation has always been concerned with the issue of health and providing medical insurance services to clients, especially since the third goal of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is concerned with achieving good health and human well-being. Therefore, the Federation has taken the following steps in order to enhance the contribution of insurance in the provision of health-related services:

The Federation established a specialized committee for medical insurance and health care, with the aim of discussing the latest developments in this type of insurance, as well as trying to design insurance coverages that suit the needs of clients in this regard.

The Egyptian Insurance Federation, in cooperation with the Arab General Insurance Federation and the Egyptian Health Care Management Association, organizes the “Regional Forum for Medical Insurance and Health Care,” which is held every two years, through which the latest developments in the medical insurance and health care system are discussed through discussions and lectures delivered by elite From local and international experts during the forum sessions. So far, seven forums have been organized, the last of which was at the beginning of this year.

The Union also contributed to the societal dialogue that was conducted on the Comprehensive Health Insurance Law.. The Union submitted a number of proposals to amend the Comprehensive Health Insurance Law, among which is that the state allow insurance companies to contract directly with customers, for specific coverages that the system may not provide as the network system. Medical for example.

The federation organized a number of sporting events that would call for the preservation of human physical and psychological health through sports practice, as well as increasing the insurance awareness of community members.. The federation organized three running competitions (marathons) during the years 2018 and 2019 and the third marathon was held this year. Today, July 2, at Al Jazeera Youth Sports Center.

The marathon was led by Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports, and Dr. Mohamed Omran, Chairman of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority, and Counselor Reda Abdel-Moaty, Vice President of the Authority, and Alaa Al-Zuhairi, President of the Egyptian Insurance Federation, where the marathon witnessed the honoring of a number of Egyptian sports champions, along with some Egyptian insurance companies.

The Federation also organizes a number of sports competitions on the sidelines of the Sharm El-Sheikh annual conference, with the aim of giving participants in the conference the opportunity to have a break and get rid of work burdens and pressures.

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