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High cholesterol in children .. How to control it before it is too late

Although high cholesterol is common among adults, it has become common in children and adolescents who also have high cholesterol, which puts them at risk of various coronary artery diseases and other heart-related problems..

What causes high cholesterol in children?

There are three main reasons for high cholesterol in children today:

Unhealthy eating habits:

Go out any time of the day and you’ll find kids in restaurants and eateries eating junk food that’s full of bad fats, calories, and potential health disasters..

family history:

Due to poor eating habits and lifestyle issues, more and more adults are being diagnosed with heart related problems, and these problems are passing on to their children as well..

Other diseases:

Children with other diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes and thyroid are more likely to have high cholesterol.

Usually, there are no symptoms that indicate that children have high cholesterol levels, but there is a simple blood test that one needs to take to measure cholesterol levels which gives details about it.LDLAnd the HDL(bad and good cholesterol), and triglycerides, if children are prone to heart problems, it is very important to get them regularly after the age of 9.

How to treat high cholesterol

It is very important that you take any small heart condition in children seriously. Lifestyle changes are a must. These include:

Live an active life:

Due to Corona’s restrictions and repeated lockdowns in the past two years, children have been largely confined to homes and in front of televisions and computers, which has added to the sedentary routine of life.

healthy food:

A diet that helps lower cholesterol levels includes plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and limits junk foods high in saturated fats and sugars..

Weight loss:

It is very important to maintain weight limits and check your child for obesity.

Kids can’t work towards a low-cholesterol life on their own, each family member must make these changes so that it’s easier for the child to follow the path of improving their health.

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