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For vegetarians, are legumes a complete substitute for meat?

Meat alternatives offer a vegan alternative to animal protein, which can make eating vegan easier for some, but getting adequate amounts of complete protein is often the reason people reject the idea of ​​plant-based..

We can use legumes in most cooking recipes, they are very diverse and nutritious, so they are excellent alternatives to meat, and we mention, for example, peas, chickpeas, beans, and peanuts. According to what was reported in Russia today.

Are meat substitutes good for you?

Meat alternatives can provide a convenient source of protein for those who eat plant-based diets. Nutritionists prefer plant-based protein sources to make sure you are consuming complete proteins, rather than relying too heavily on meat alternatives..

There are three main categories of meat alternatives, those made using whole legumes and beans to produce a meat-like product (such as a bean burger), those that use plant protein extracts to produce a meat-like food (such as pea protein sausages and mushroom-based ground beef) and finally the most recent innovations in cultured meat. In vitro and artificial meat, which is technically not vegetarian because it contains animal cells“.

Meat alternatives are often fortified with vitamin B12according to a study in the journal NutrientsThis is a nutrient that we generally get from animal sources because we can’t make it in our bodies. If you rely on plant sources of protein, you may need to add vitamin B12 to your diet..

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