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For pregnant women in the summer.. Tips to maintain your health and the health of your fetus

Pregnancy is one of the things that cause a feeling of high body temperature, and it gets worse during the summer, and the reason is that the pregnant woman feels double temperatures, and the chances of sweating, feeling stress, fatigue and exhaustion, and an increased feeling of dizziness.

During this report, we will get acquainted with the most prominent and most important advice provided by the report published on the website “healthlineTo reduce the exposure of pregnant women to fatigue during the summer, including:

Swimming is one of the good tricks during the summer for pregnant women, as it works to cool the body.

Wearing clothes with cotton fabrics that absorb sweat and contribute to cooling the body, and it is also recommended that they be loose so as not to put pressure on the abdomen and chest.

Excessive intake of water is one of the good tricks that contribute to hydration of the body, and reduce the chances of dehydration during pregnancy.

Exercising is one of the good tricks that contribute to stimulating blood circulation in the body.

Pregnant women should avoid direct sunlight, so as not to become dehydrated.

Eating more vegetables and fruits throughout the day is one of the healthy nutritional tricks that contribute to supplying the body with a high percentage of water, hydrating the body, and supplying it with the nutrients it needs throughout the day.

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