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All you need to know about green transportation projects.. Infographic

The transport sector is witnessing development through the expansion of the establishment of a network of sustainable green transportation, the most important of which are the electric traction and subway projects. According to a recent report issued by the Ministry of Planning, projects with lengths of 2500 km have been and are underway, most notably the electric light rail project, which serves the Al-Salam areas. – Tenth of Ramadan – Administrative Capital) with a length of about 103 km.


Projects with a length of 2500 km have been and are being implemented

• Light Electric Rail Project

It serves the areas of (Al-Salam – 10th of Ramadan – the Administrative Capital) with a length of about 103 km


• Monorail project

– East of the Nile (from the stadium station in Nasr City – the administrative capital)

– West Nile (Wadi El-Nile Station in Mohandessin – 6th of October)

– Total length of 100 km


• Subway

Completion of the implementation of the third line of the subway

– (Adly Mansour – Imbaba – Cairo University)

41.2 km long

Fourth line of the subway

– (6 October – New Cairo)

42 km long

Construction of the sixth subway line

-(Al-Khass- New Maadi)

35 km long


The BRT bus project on the ring road, with a length of 110 km

Alexandria Metro Development Project (Abu Qir – Misr Station) with a length of 21.7 km

– Development and rehabilitation of the 14 km tram of the sand

• Egypt’s network of rapid electric trains

2000 km long

-include 3 lines

– The first (Sukhna – Matrouh – Fayoum) with a length of 660 km

The second (6 October – Fayoum – Beni Suef – Luxor – Aswan – Abu Simbel) with a length of 1100 km

– The third (Qena – Hurghada – Safaga) with a length of 225 km.

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