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A slight decrease in chicken prices.. the price of a kilo is 32 pounds, delivery of farm land

Poultry prices in Egypt witnessed a slight decline, and the prices of a kilo of chicks ranged at levels of 32-33 pounds for delivery of farm land, and the price of a kilo to the consumer reaches about 37 pounds and the maximum price is 40 pounds, and the price of a kilo varies from one region to another.

The average price of white chicken today

The price of a kilo of white is 32 pounds per kilo on the farm

The price of the Sassu on the farm is 47 pounds per kilo

A white chick records a price of 5.45 pounds to 6 pounds.

Sasso chick 4.25 to 5.25 pounds per kilo.

White mums 27 pounds.

Egg prices in Egypt

The price of a carton of eggs in farms recorded a slight increase at the level of 61 pounds for white eggs, and the price of a carton of red eggs reached 63 pounds and a carton of municipal eggs 68 pounds.

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