Zamalek discusses Ferrera in the file of supporting the team in the new season

Zamalek club officials began opening the file to strengthen the ranks of the first football team during the upcoming summer transfer period, as the white knight will have the right to conclude his deals naturally after the end of the suspension of the restriction that lasted for two periods and preventing Zamalek from strengthening, whether from the beginning of the current season or during the winter Mercato period in Last January, against the backdrop of the punishment imposed on the White Castle by Hossam Ashraf.

The Zamalek club administration is currently discussing with the Portuguese coach Josevaldo Ferreira the file of strengthening the team’s ranks during the next season’s transfers, especially since the coach wants to strengthen several centers that do not have qualified players or substitutes, as well as some centers that the current players will leave. Due to the expiration of the term of their contract with the club’s management, the renewal file for them has not yet been resolved.

The management of the Zamalek club wants to know all the needs of Professor Ferreira, so that the names of the players available to contract with are presented, so that the coach arranges his priorities, and then gives the green light to the administration to begin negotiations with these players to resolve their matter as soon as possible and before the transfer season approaches so that Zamalek does not enter Zamalek In a struggle for those players who want to sign them.

Ferreira began preparing Sayed Abdullah Al-Shahr with “Neymar” to replace the Moroccan Ashraf Bin Sharqi, the team’s wing, who is close to leaving the ranks of the White Castle at the end of next June.

Ferreira relies on Mr. Neymar in many cases as part of a plan to equip the player in order to compensate for the departure of Ashraf Bin Sharqi, whose contract with Zamalek expires at the end of June, and the player has not decided the issue of renewing his contract until the present time.

The Portuguese professor wants to prepare Sayed Neymar to become the main wing of Zamalek after the departure of Ashraf bin Sharqi, especially since the latter will leave before the end of the season that extends until September, given that the player’s contract expires in June.

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