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What is a tilted uterus?.. Learn about symptoms, causes and treatment methods

One in four women suffers from a condition called a relapsed or tilted uterus, and it usually does not cause any serious problems, and some women often suffer from this condition without knowing it or knowing it due to a lack of knowledge about this disease and its accompanying symptoms, and the report published on the “Express website” monitors The most important symptoms that indicate a tilted uterus.

The tilted or retracted uterus means that it bends forward to extend above the bladder, while the upper part of it is towards the abdomen.


What are the symptoms of a tilted uterus?

The condition is often misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed because it does not usually cause abnormal symptoms or the symptoms it does may be misunderstood as painful periods or something else.

1- lower back pain

2- Feeling pain during menstruation

3- Frequent urination or feeling pressure in the bladder

4- Urinary tract infections

5- Mild incontinence

6- A bump in the lower abdomen

tilted uterus
tilted uterus

What causes uterine reflux?

A tilted uterus can occur naturally or may be the result of pregnancy, surgery, or another medical condition. A tilted uterus can also be caused by adhesions that may have been caused by surgery in the pelvic area that can pull the uterus into a posterior position.

Endometriosis, a condition that affects about 1 in 10 women, can also cause the uterus to curve, as can fibroids, as these small, noncancerous masses can make the uterus prone to turning backward.

Can uterine reflux be treated?

Treatment options for a recurring uterus include certain exercises or surgery. Surgery may involve repositioning the uterus using a laparoscope and, in some cases, a hysterectomy.

The underlying condition that caused uterine reflux can also be treated, such as hormonal therapy for endometriosis.

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