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UAE delegate to the Arab League: The nation has lost a leader whose life was filled with luminous stations

The UAE delegate to the League of Arab States, Ambassador Maryam Al Kaabi, said that her country and the Arab and Islamic nations had lost a leader whose life was filled with many luminous stations. Sultan during the process of establishing the union at the internal and external levels, and even contributed to strengthening the relations of the UAE with its main allies, to highlight his wisdom in everything he did for the renaissance and progress of the state.

Since assuming the presidency of the United Arab Emirates in November 2004, according to Al Kaabi, his reign has been marked by the continuation of the wise approach of the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, so that Sheikh Khalifa continued the march of work and achievement in all honesty. In 2005, may God have mercy on him, it was the first elections for the Federal National Council within the empowerment program, which aimed to empower the people of the country and involve them in making the future of the Emirates. Empowering Emirati women was a priority in Sheikh Khalifa’s thought, as they occupied the highest positions in all fields, and effectively contributed to the process of development, development and modernization through their participation in the executive, legislative and judicial authorities, and various leadership positions related to decision-making, in addition to their active presence in the Arab, regional and international arenas. .

She added that the UAE has made an exceptional stride in the field of foreign policy under the leadership of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, realizing that cooperation and joint action is the best way to continue development and stability in the region. It serves the interests of the UAE and the region in order to consolidate the pivotal role of the state regionally and globally, which has opened unprecedented prospects for cooperation and coordination between the UAE and various Arab countries and the creation of partnerships, cooperation and dialogue.

Al-Kaabi confirmed that he led the UAE during a period in which our region went through harsh and difficult conditions, with great skill, so that the state crossed this stage with more achievement and development, which is more stable and secure, and she did not stop at that, but was a help and support for the brothers and support them to face challenges, the UAE at that stage played an advanced role In defense of the security and stability of the countries of the region.

She concluded her speech by saying that the United Arab Emirates will continue, during the era of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, to achieve what the predecessors started in working for Arab solidarity and everything that would contribute to the elevation of this nation and the dignity of its human being and to support Arab relations with brotherly and friendly countries.

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