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The start of the Lebanese parliamentary elections, amid tight security measures

Three million and 967 thousand and 507 citizens are entitled to vote in the elections today, including one million and 945 thousand and 120 male voters, while the number of female voters is 2 million and 22 thousand and 387.

In the elections, which take place under the proportional list system only, about 718 candidates are competing within 103 electoral lists in 15 major constituencies, including 26 minor constituencies across Lebanon, for 128 seats, divided equally between Muslims and Christians of all sects.

The voting work today is the main and final stage of the parliamentary elections that started on May 6th, with the first stage of expatriate voting in 10 countries, then the second stage on May 8 of the expatriate elections in 48 countries, with a participation rate of 63% for Lebanese abroad, then it was held on Thursday. The past is the voting process for employees assigned to electoral missions today, in which the participation rate reached 84%.

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