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The Prime Minister of Lebanon: The state, with all its organs, is mobilized to carry out the parliamentary elections

After casting his vote, Mikati said that the state, with all its apparatus, is mobilized to achieve this democratic election, explaining that things are going well, and that the turnout in the morning is good, stressing the importance of providing electricity at polling stations during the night.

Mikati called on the Lebanese to choose the best and whoever they see fit, stressing that the state prepared for this entitlement and recruited 100,000 people to hold the elections.

It is worth noting that Tripoli is one of three small districts affiliated with the larger district (the second north), and eight seats are allocated to it, five of which are for the Sunni sect, a seat for the Alawite sect, a seat for Maronites and a seat for the Greek Orthodox. On just one day.

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