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The Ministry of Finance and the Tax Authority are keen to support financiers as partners of success

Reda Abdel Qader, head of the Egyptian Tax Authority, said that the Ministry of Finance and the authority are always keen to help financiers and provide support to them, as they are partners of success, explaining that the income tax law does not differentiate in tax treatment between traditional trade and e-commerce, as the two are before the law, both of them are financiers who have rights and upon them. Obligations, the most important of which is to open a tax file, and then submit tax returns on their legal dates, pointing out that any income resulting from any profession or activity, whether these revenues are realized in Egypt or abroad, if Egypt is a center of the profession or activity is taxable income .

Abdel Qader stressed the interest of the authority to provide technical support to the practitioners of e-commerce activity, through an electronic commerce unit in the office of the head of the interest, which was recently established, as well as preparing and publishing 2 guides in coordination with the Ministry of Finance, one of them for electronic commerce and the other for content makers on the website of the Egyptian Tax Authority. Calling the practitioners of e-commerce activity to quickly register with the Egyptian Tax Authority and open tax files for them, in accordance with Income Tax Law No. (91) of 2005, the Unified Tax Procedures Law No. (206) of 2020 and Value Added Tax Law No. 67 of 2016, so that they do not fall under Penalty of law.

In a related context, Dr. Mahmoud Saqr, Head of the Regions, Centers and Ports Sector, indicated that the documents required to open the tax file are the national number card, the lease or ownership contract, the utility receipt (electricity – water – gas – telephone…), and the company contract in the event that the entity However, if the financier carries on his activity from his place of residence, which is proven in the national number card, he is satisfied with a copy of the national number card with a written acknowledgment from the taxpayer.

Dr. El-Sayed Saqr indicated that activity code No. (117) has been allocated for e-commerce, activity code No. (118) for the production and broadcast of audio and visual content, and activity code No. (119) for the production and dissemination of readable content, and that the following form has been allocated on the Google Form website: https: //

This is to provide the necessary awareness to e-commerce practitioners and content makers and to respond to all their inquiries and questions.

It is worth noting that in the event of any inquiries related to e-commerce, or the content industry on the Internet, the integrated call center should be contacted at 16395 or head to the headquarters of the e-commerce unit at the Egyptian Tax Authority located in Mahmoudia Tower – Maadi Highway – Saqr Quraish – Ground Floor, Or contact via e-mail:

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