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The “Iraqi National Security” refers one of its advisors to the investigation.. and confirms: Let us be the title of unity for the components of our people

The head of the Iraqi National Security Apparatus, Hamid Al-Shatri, ordered the withdrawal of the hand of the advisor in the apparatus, Muhannad Naim, and referred to the investigation after he “overstepped and insulted” the Iraqis.

And the social networking sites had reported an article attributed to Counselor Muhannad Naim, in which he addressed the issue of the regions in Iraq in a sarcastic manner.

And the Iraqi News Agency (INA) quoted a press release from the National Security Agency, that “the Iraqi National Security Agency seeks to be a title for the national unity that unites the components and sects of the Iraqi people, which has established the bright image of the device among all official and popular circles and in a manner that causes pride and dedication in the hearts of The officers and employees of the apparatus to perform the duties entrusted to them.

He added, “Based on the firm values ​​and principles of this sober institution, the head of the Iraqi National Security Apparatus ordered to withdraw the hand of the advisor in the agency, Muhannad Naim, and refer him to the investigation to verify the validity of what was recently attributed to him from a publication on social media platforms.”

The statement explained, “For the requirements of duty and the public interest, the Iraqi National Security Service confirms its commitment to working on everything that would establish the concepts of national unity and uphold its values ​​on the territory of the country, as well as emphasizing the previous special directives to prevent the officers and employees of the agency from engaging in political matters, commitment to professionalism, and staying away from Attitudes and tendencies that affect the security of the homeland, its unity and social peace.

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