The contractors: We hope that Al-Ahly will be crowned in Africa, and the financial benefit from Taher will continue

Engineer Mohamed Adel Fathi, a member of the Arab Contractors Board of Directors and supervisor of the football sector, revealed the advantages of Taher Mohamed Taher’s contract, the former team player, who joined Al-Ahly Club in the 2020 season. A condition that the contractors benefit from crowning the player with titles with Al-Ahly during the first two seasons, and this percentage is still ongoing.”

The member of the contractors added, first of all, we hope to crown Al-Ahly club with the African Champions League title in the current version, because he does not represent himself only, but represents Egypt in the championship.

Taher Mohamed Taher joined Al-Ahly club in November 2020, and Mazaya was placed in the player’s contract for two seasons while he was in the Red Castle, where the contractors receive a percentage of his crowning titles as well as his goals.

Taher participated with Al-Ahly in 64 matches. Taher scored 8 goals and made 6 for his teammates.

Yesterday, Saturday, Al-Ahly tied with ES Setif with two goals during the match that brought them together at the July 5 Stadium in Algiers, so that the Red Genie qualified for the final of the continental championship, after he had previously won the first leg in Cairo with a clean four.

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