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The Central Bank has completed the replacement of 4.1 million salary cards for state workers to “Maeza”

Within the framework of implementing the strategy of the National Payments Council headed by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi:

• Providing the salary service provided to encourage electronic financial transactions and make it easier for employees
• The new project helps expand the use of digital banking services and supports efforts to transform into a cashless society

The Central Bank of Egypt, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, has finished activating the salary service provided through government payroll cards “Meeza”, which comes within the framework of efforts to expand reliance on electronic financial transactions, and encourage state workers to use electronic payment methods, in a way that supports the state and the Central Bank’s orientation towards transformation. For a society less dependent on banknotes.

This came within the framework of implementing the strategy of the National Payments Council headed by His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi; To support the transformation of the digital economy, and to provide easy and convenient electronic payment and collection services in a way that enhances financial inclusion.

In this context, most of the government salary payment cards for state employees, estimated at about 4.3 million cards, have been replaced by cards bearing the logo of the national payment system “Meeza”, as nearly 4.1 million cards have been issued, and it is expected that all cards will be replaced. almost.

The replacement of government payroll cards comes in light of the decisions issued by the National Payments Council to rely on a nationally branded payment system in government payments and support disbursement work in its kind and cash, in order to ensure the independence of government payment systems and services.

In continuation of the efforts to stimulate the expansion of electronic financial transactions, a new banking service has been created that provides additional advantages to the state employees’ salary payment cards, by adding 30% of the salary value of state workers in advance, which can be used in purchase transactions through electronic points of sale or online websites. .

It should be noted that the Central Bank of Egypt launched several initiatives to develop the infrastructure for payment systems and services, the most important of which is the electronic payment initiative, which allowed an increase in the number of electronic points of sale at the level of all governorates, to more than 800,000 electronic points of sale, and achieved a great leap in facilitating Citizens completing electronic transactions with all categories of merchants and companies within the Arab Republic of Egypt.

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