Tala’a El-Gaish: We will face Zamalek at Cairo Stadium… and we will not stand in front of the players’ ambitions

Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Mahdi, director of football at Tala’a El-Gish Club, revealed that his team’s match scheduled for next Tuesday against Zamalek will be at Cairo Stadium, explaining that Al-Tala’i did not receive any notification from the Association of Clubs to change the stadium.

Al-Mahdi said, in televised statements to the “Audience of the Tala” program, with the journalist Ibrahim Fayek on Ontime Sports: “We do not mind transferring the match, but we did not receive anything, and we are preparing to play in any stadium, and we are preparing for every match.”

And about the offers of Muhannad Lashin’s departure from the ranks of the pioneers, the football director said: “Dismissing a player or selling him is a right to the board of directors. The current period is focusing on the team’s position in the league. We will not stand in front of the players’ ambitions and their future.”

Al-Mahdi added: “The rising prices of players in the recent period have forced us to resort to the junior sector, so that the reinforcements are mixed between the emerging talents and the players present in other league clubs.

He continued, “We are interested in the junior sector, and we have talents born in 2001 and 2002, and we seek to discover many talents. We have a distinguished goalkeeper like Mohamed Bassam, who spent 14 years with the pioneers, and we wish him success in his new steps.”

He concluded: “Mohamed Bassam is a free player. He has not decided his future and his next destination, and we wish him success in the next stage.”

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