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Syria calls on the United Nations to issue a clear condemnation of the Israeli attacks on its sovereignty

Syria called on the UN Security Council and the United Nations to issue a clear and explicit condemnation of the Israeli occupation’s attacks on Syrian sovereignty.

This came in a letter from the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates to both the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the President of the Security Council, according to the Syrian News Agency, “SANA”.

The ministry said – in its letter – that the Israeli occupation army carried out an air aggression with rockets from the direction of the Mediterranean, west of Baniyas, targeting some points in the central region. As a result, five people were killed, including one civilian, and seven civilians, including a girl, were injured, and heavy material losses were caused.

The ministry pointed out that this Israeli aggression came hours after another aggression committed by terrorists in northern Syria, when they attacked Syrian army units; Which led to the killing of ten soldiers and wounding others.

The ministry added, “Syria calls on the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Security Council to issue a clear and explicit condemnation of this aggression in a manner consistent with the Security Council’s mandate to maintain international peace and security and to implement United Nations resolutions related to ending the Israeli occupation of the occupied Syrian territories.”

It also called on the Syrian Foreign Ministry to “demand the Israeli aggressor party to respect the relevant Security Council resolutions, to abide by the provisions of the Separation of Forces and Disengagement Agreement signed in Geneva on May 31, 1974, and to stop immediately and unconditionally from threatening regional and international peace and security.”

The ministry expressed Damascus’ aspiration and expectation from the United Nations General Secretariat and the Security Council to “take a clear and unambiguous position on the Israeli attacks on Syrian sovereignty, and far from any politicized considerations and calculations that contradict the well-established and clear legal and political position of the United Nations and its bodies towards the issue of the Israeli occupation of Arab lands.” occupied Syria.

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