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Suspicious movements by ISIS in western Libya… and the army is preparing

The sources told “Sky News Arabia” that elements of the organization clashed with an armed group south of Bani Walid, in a struggle for influence there, as they have relations with one of the prominent figures in smuggling operations, and the person responsible for a gang organization committed several kidnappings during the last period, especially for foreigners. and immigrant workers.

The sources pointed out that the cities of the western coast have also witnessed great activity by the organization in the past period, especially in Sabratha, where the “sleeper cells” began to openly move there and raise the organization’s flags.

ISIS began to establish a foothold in Sabratha since May 2020, after militias and armed groups regained control of the city at that time.

A little to the south, the people saw the movement of columns of armed cars, carrying the black flag of the organization, specifically south of Mizdah, and near Al-Qurayyat, where they began to ambush, stop the citizens and loot their belongings.

And the civil sources told “Sky News Arabia” that the terrorists are making the vicinity of the Marsit area a concentration point, stopping passersby there, and asking them about the security gates in the neighboring cities, the concentrations there, the size of the individuals there and the armament they have with them.

Sirte – Al Jufra line

Political researcher Muhammad Qashout confirmed that the main Karama operations room in the Libyan National Army had received information that ISIS had moved in areas close to the “Sirte-Al-Jafra” line in order to cut it.

Qashut said that the chamber had formed a joint force between it and the “166 Brigade” in Misurata, which supports Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha, in order to conduct patrols to comb the “Abu Njeim and Wadi B” area and its surroundings.

The army also decided to mobilize its special forces, by directing them to other points, in order to carry out specific counter-terrorism operations, the details of which will be announced upon completion, according to Qashut.

The security expert, Muhammad Al-Rajbani, warned of the expansion of ISIS in the regions of western Libya, as this movement began significantly in the first ten days of this month, when they killed a security man in Mizdah, reminding also of the terrorist attacks that targeted the army forces in the southern region.

Al-Rajbani said that the youth of the city of Qurayyat, in addition to the Mashashiya area, carried out patrols with civil efforts to secure their areas, following the news about the terrorist organization’s movements in the Mursit area, where they inspected Wadi Mersit and nearby valleys, calling for caution and caution to thwart the organization’s plans.

And last April, ISIS published, through its media, pictures that it said were of “its fighters”, in southern Libya, where a bombing operation was carried out a few days ago against an army post, which did not result in any injuries.

After that, the army succeeded in thwarting an attempt by terrorist elements to infiltrate Ghadwa, near the city of Sabha, where military operations are continuing there in order to cleanse the area of ​​extremists and criminal elements.

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