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Planning: Providing 306 thousand housing units within the national housing project

The investment housing sector received a large proportion of government investments during the new fiscal year plan 22/2023, as the total volume of investments during the new budget amounted to about 294 billion pounds for the housing sector and water and sanitation services, in order to implement many of its 33 projects. And construction, and about 26 billion pounds for water projects (an increase of 23%), and about 77 billion pounds for sanitation projects, according to a report by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development.

About 168 billion pounds have been allocated to the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, about 168 billion pounds, of which 64.9 billion are for the government agency, and 103 billion for public economic bodies.

Among the most important projects presented in the plan are the following:

تِوفِير نَحو 306 أَلْف وِحْدَة سكنيّة ضِمن الـمشروع القَوْمِيّ لِلْإِسْكَان، تَطوير أكثر من 15 ألف فدان مِن الـمناطِق غَيْر الـمُخطّطة، تضُم 1.52 مليون وِحدَة سَكَنيّة يَسْتَفِيدَ مِنْهَا حَوَالَي 6 مِلْيُون مُواطِن، إلى جانب زِيَادَة طَاقَة مَشرُوعَات الـمِياه بِنَحْو 1.4 مليون مِتْر مُكعَّب/يَوْم مِنْ خِلَالِ تَنْفِيذ نَحْو 64 مشروعًا لِلْمِيَاه، لِتَرْتَفِع نِسبَة التغطيّة بِمِيَاه الشُرب لِنَحْو 99.5٪ عَلى الـمُستوى العام للجمهوريّة، علاوة على زِيَادَة طَاقَة مشروعات الصَّرْف الصحي بِنَحْو 1.4 مِلْيُون مِتْر مُكعَّب/يَوْم مِنْ خِلَالِ تَنْفِيذ 60 مشروعًا لِلصَّرْف الصحي، بالإضافة إلى تَطوير شَبَكَات الصَّرْف الصحي بالقُرى، بتَنْفِيذ نَحْو 180 projects in villages, thus raising the coverage rate to more than 68% at the level of the Republic.

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