Morning training in Ismaily today for those excluded from facing Ceramica

The Ismaili players, who are excluded from facing Ceramica, are participating in group training this morning at the “Abdul Rahman Anous” stadium in the Ismailia Stadium. Adel Abdel Moneim, Kamal El-Sayed and Abdullah Jamal guarding the goal, Ahmed Ayman, Shadi Maher, Abdullah Mohamed, Mahmoud Al-Badri, Imad Hamdi, Mahmoud Abdel-Ati Dunga, Mohamed Abdel-Sami, Mahmoud Abdullah, Jean Morell, Carmelo Algaranaz, Khaled Al-Nabrisi, Hazem Morsi and Hassan Saber, while Hassan Yassin and Mohamed bin Khamsa continue their rehabilitation training.

During the next meeting, the technical staff of the Dervishes included 22 players, Muhammad Fawzi and Omar Radwan in the goalkeeper, Issam Sobhi, Muhammad Bayoumi, Baher Al-Muhammadi, Muhammad Nasr, Muhammad Hashem, Muhammad Desouki, Amr Al-Halawani in the line of defense, Omar Al-Wahsh, Muhammad Adel, Muhammad Makhlouf, Ahmed Madbouly, Abdel Rahman Magdy, Ahmed Mostafa and Seiko. Conte, Medhat Faqousa in the midfield, Wajih Abdel Hakim, Mohamed El-Shamy, Diego Ferdinao, Marwan Hamdi and Abu Bakr Hamza El-Gamal in the offensive line.

It is noteworthy that Ismaili will play a friendly experience against Belbeis tomorrow, Monday afternoon, at his stadium, in order to check on his substitute and excluded players, in preparation for facing Al-Ahly Bank.

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