Milan is looking to crown the Italian league title against Atalanta today

The San Siro stadium will host a strong match between Milan and Atalanta at six in the evening, today, Sunday, in the competitions of the thirty-seventh and penultimate stage of the Italian Football League, after Milan succeeded in beating Hellas Verona by three goals to one in the last round, to raise its score For 80 points, they are at the top of the table, two points behind runner-up Inter Milan.

The Rossinieri is preparing for the match with high concentration and strength, and the team aspires to win in order to maintain the lead of the Kalecho and resolve matters in the last round by crowning the title absent from its coffers.

On the other hand, Atlanta managed to beat Spezia 3-0 in the previous round, raising its score to 59 points in eighth place on the table.

Atlanta is looking for victory in this match in order to enhance its score and advance in the standings, but this requires him to fight fiercely and make every effort to snatch the full mark.

The Italian “Calcio News 24” website mentioned the scenarios of Milan crowning the Calcio title this season against Atalanta in the 37th round, and the Milan team crowned the Italian League champion if they beat Atalanta today and Inter Milan lost or tied with Cagliari, and thus Milan will go to a difference of 5 points or 4 Points, one round before the end, which makes the Rossoneri a champion.

In front of the second scenario, it is Milan’s tie against Atalanta and the loss of Inter, and thus the difference will be 3 points in favor of the Rossoneri before the end of the tournament in one round, but it officially crowns the title, especially since direct confrontations are in favor of the Rossoneri, meaning that if Inter Milan wins even in the last round and Milan loses The two teams will be equal in points, but direct confrontations are in favor of Milan.

Milan had tied with Inter 1-1 in the first round of the Italian league, but the Rossoneri won the second round 2-1.

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