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Mikati to Sky News Arabia: The voting process is going well

After casting his vote, Najib Mikati told Sky News Arabia after casting his vote that the voting process in the Lebanese parliamentary elections is going well so far.

Polling stations opened for about 4 million voters to vote, at seven in the morning local time, in 15 electoral districts, to choose the 128 members of the House of Representatives.

The polls will remain open until seven in the evening, according to local time, after which the vote counting process will begin, knowing that voters abroad have already cast their votes, with a participation rate of 60 percent.

Final results are likely to be announced the next day.

Voting is organized according to the law of proportionality, based on the so-called “closed regulations”.

He boycotts the Future Movement; Led by Saad Hariri, the elections come amid a severe political and economic crisis.

On the twenty-fourth of last January, Hariri announced the suspension of his political life and the non-participation in the Lebanese parliamentary elections.

These elections are the first in Lebanon since the explosion of the port of Beirut and the economic and financial collapse, as well as a test of whether the Iranian-backed group Hezbollah and its allies can maintain a parliamentary majority in light of mounting poverty and anger at the ruling parties.

Since the previous elections, in 2018, Lebanon has been rocked by an economic collapse that the World Bank blamed on the ruling elite, and the port of Beirut witnessed a huge explosion in 2020.

Although analysts believe that public anger may help reform-minded candidates win some seats, expectations of significant change are slim under Lebanon’s sectarian system that divides Parliament seats between 11 religious groups and tilts in favor of established parties.

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