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Lebanese Parliamentary Elections.. 14 percent voter turnout

The Lebanese Ministry of Interior stated that the voter turnout, in the morning period, amounted to 14 percent, knowing that about 4 million voters are entitled to vote, distributed among 15 electoral districts.

Earlier, the Operations Room in the Ministry of Interior reported that the percentage of voting on all Lebanese territories was 1.67%.

Meanwhile, the army intensified its deployment to secure the polling stations.

However, media reports said that supporters of Hezbollah and Amal Movement attacked a tent belonging to the Lebanese Forces in Jezzine, southern Lebanon.

Disputes also occurred between supporters of Hezbollah and Hezbollah in Zahle, Bekaa Valley, eastern Lebanon.

Voting is organized according to the law of proportionality, based on the so-called “closed regulations”.

He boycotts the Future Movement; Led by Saad Hariri, the elections come amid a political and economic crisis.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun called on his citizens to intensify participation in the parliamentary elections, stressing the need to vote for those who serve the country.

After casting his vote, Aoun said, “Voting in the elections is the duty of every Lebanese citizen.”

This came while he cast his vote in the electoral process at a polling station.

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati also praised the preparations, which he described as good, for the parliamentary elections.

In exclusive statements to Sky News Arabia, Mikati praised the efforts of all parties that participated in these preparations.

In his statement to Sky News Arabia after voting in the city of Tripoli in northern Lebanon, Mikati said that the voting process in the Lebanese parliamentary elections is going well so far.

The polls will remain open until seven in the evening, according to local time, after which the vote counting process will begin, knowing that voters abroad have already cast their votes, with a participation rate of 60 percent.

Final results are likely to be announced the next day.

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