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Lebanese Defense Minister: The army is ready to prevent any operation that disturbs the security of the elections

Lebanese Defense Minister Maurice Selim affirmed that the army is ready in all Lebanese regions to preemptively prevent any operation that would prejudice the security and safety of the elections, stressing the army’s insistence that Sunday be a national democratic day par excellence, and that people exercise their electoral right without being subjected to any pressure or breach of security.

Morris added – in a press statement – that the army, along with other security forces in various security agencies, is charged with protecting the electoral process, stressing that the army has an integrated plan, and as of today, its readiness has become one hundred percent on all Lebanese territory, to protect this electoral process, which is of great importance at the level the National.

He pointed out that the Central Operations Room in the Army Command is represented by the Internal Security Forces, Public Security and State Security through officers delegated by it, noting that there are preparations at the level of the commands of the five military regions, where each military region commander is responsible for maintaining security in his region outside the centers of Polling, and each district commander shall have an operations room in which the internal security forces are represented.

As for the polling stations, the Minister of Defense stressed that the army forces protect the perimeter of these centers and work to facilitate voter access to them, explaining that the army does not interfere inside the polling stations unless there is any defect inside and if the security forces need to support it.

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