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Learn about future projects to raise the efficiency of the national gas network

Future projects aim to raise the efficiency of the national gas network, to accommodate the increase in gas production in the eastern Mediterranean and to increase flexibility in transporting gas to the network. The investment cost of these projects is more than 6 billion pounds, and these projects include the following..

1- The project of duplication of the capital/Dahshur line, with a length of 67 km.

2- The Sulaymaniyah/North Giza dual line project, with a length of 20 km.

3- A project of duplication across the Sinai, with a length of 15 km.

4- Abu Qurqas / Assiut line duplication project, 135 km long.

5- The Western Desert Gas Complex expansion project by adding the fourth production line with a design capacity of 600 million cubic feet per day, with the aim of maximizing the utilization of the gases of the Raven field, separating gas derivatives of high economic value and continuing to provide the ethane / propane mixture to meet the needs of Sidpec and Ethydco companies, and to produce propane To export it to global markets, in addition to producing butane and condensate to support the needs of the local market.

The new projects being implemented to develop, support and raise the efficiency of the national network for natural gases, come within the strategy of the Ministry of Petroleum to sustainably secure natural gas supplies to the local market and meet the needs of citizens in light of the expansion of projects to deliver natural gas to homes and the “Decent Life” initiative to develop Egyptian rural villages and the initiative to expand the use of natural gas Gas as a fuel in cars, in addition to supporting the unprecedented development projects that the state is witnessing throughout the republic, as well as being one of the main axes in achieving the national project to make Egypt a regional center for energy trade.

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