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If you love meat, the paleo diet is right for you.. know what it is and what to eat?

Eating meat is one of the most consumed foods worldwide, however, when it comes to diet often people end up giving up meat-based foods due to their relatively high fat content.

But is there a way to diet, stay fit, and manage weight without cutting out meat from the diet? Yes, there is, according to the website. verywellhealth“.

The Paleo Diet incorporates foods eaten during the Paleolithic era, aiming to return to our roots of hunting, gathering and eating that existed before farming practices began.

What to eat on the paleo diet

Here’s what you can eat on the paleo diet:



the fruit




Healthy fats and oils


sea ​​food

What to avoid on the paleo diet

Here’s what to avoid on the paleo diet:

unsaturated fats

Processed foods




paleo diet tips

Here are some tips to help you follow the paleo diet effectively:

Maintain a balance between eating plant and animal foods.

When in restaurants, order a main course of meat.

Use healthy oils to cook your meals.

Pay attention to your snacks and choose them carefully.

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