Ibrahim Hassan: Hossam Hassan is not compared to any other player

Ibrahim Hassan, the former Al-Ahly and Zamalek player, believes that his brother Hossam Hassan is not compared to any other player, saying: “Hossam Hassan was the top scorer of the Egyptian team in the 98 Nations Championship with seven goals out of a total of 9 goals for the Egyptian team in the tournament.”

Ibrahim Hassan said, in televised statements: “If any other player other than Hossam Hassan, they would have glorified him. Hossam Hassan deserved more than that. He played many matches in Egypt and abroad and has great experience, and he is historically not compared to other football players.

The former Al-Ahly and Zamalek player indicated that his and his brother’s departure from the Alexandrian Union training came in their favour, and he said: “We had offers during the Alexandrian Union training period, but our commitment to the Alexandrian team made us refuse… Among these offers was the Ismaili.”

He added: “Al-Ittihad of Alexandria saw that our departure was a decision in its interest, but in fact it was in our interest, we were suffering from great pressure, especially since we were required to provide the best possible thing for the fans.

He explained that Queiroz was nervous and subjected to many penalties during his presence with the Egyptian team, explaining that if Hossam Hassan, the coach, was expelled and managed the final in the African Championship from the stands, he would have been subjected to criminal trial.

He continued, that nervousness was not a main reason for Hossam’s departure from the national team, stressing that there is a person within the Football Association who does not want the presence of Hossam and Ibrahim in the Egyptian team.

Regarding the European final between Real and Liverpool, he added: “I will encourage Real Madrid, no matter who his opponent is. In the Champions League final, I will support Real Madrid without thinking, because I love Real Madrid and always encourage him, even if my brother Hossam Hassan plays for the competitor.”

And about Mohamed Salah’s statement against Real Madrid, he said: “What Salah said will affect his chances if he is a candidate for the Spanish team.”

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