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Head of the Palestine sector in the Arab League: The occupation seeks to falsify awareness and obliterate identity

The Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ambassador Saeed Abu Ali, said that the targeting operations practiced by the Israeli occupation extend to educational curricula with the aim of falsifying awareness and obliterating the Arab Palestinian identity.

Abu Ali added, in statements on the sidelines of a meeting of the Educational Programs Committee for Arab Students in the Occupied Territories, that the behavior practiced by the occupying forces is based on an approach based on stealing a homeland and displacing a people not only through occupying the land but also through occupying the will of the Palestinians, which the people resist. The Palestinian has been there for decades with its steadfastness, sacrifices, and long-term struggle.

Abu Ali added that the Palestinian insistence extends to the need to preserve its identity in the face of Israeli attempts to destroy the Palestinian national curriculum, which is evident in the city of Jerusalem, explaining that the occupation is not satisfied with working inside the country, but seeks to pursue organizations and bodies that finance the educational process in the occupied territories, through Inciting against the Palestinian educational curricula and working to incite the international community against it by launching false allegations.

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