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From pimples to swollen skin, here’s what your skin is trying to tell you about kidney health

There are many signs that your body may appear when your kidneys are not healthy, but did you know that one of the most common ones appears on your skin.

According to the site thehealthsite “Our skin changes from time to time, depending on the changing climate, daily habits and lifestyle, however, sometimes, visible changes in the skin can be a warning sign of something serious happening to the kidneys.

Poor kidney health: 5 symptoms to watch out for

Never ignore these warning symptoms that your skin presents to you when your kidneys aren’t working as they should.

Skin dryness and itching

Dry skin is very common during the winter, but you will be shocked to learn that itchy and dry skin can be a symptom that your kidneys are not healthy. A person with any type of kidney disease usually has – rough, scaly skin texture, Cracked, uncomfortable.

According to experts, dry and itchy skin is a warning sign of a severe mineral deficiency combined with poor bone health – two symptoms of advanced kidney disease, which appear when the kidneys are not working properly or are able to achieve the correct balance of minerals and nutrients in the blood.

Change in skin color

Changes in skin color are very common in people of almost all age groups, however, these color changes can sometimes be a warning sign of something serious inside your kidneys.

Sudden and unexplained changes in skin color are a warning symptom of CKD. Why is this happening? Experts say this is caused by a buildup of toxins. When the kidneys fail to filter the blood as they normally function, this leads to skin color changes. What color does it change? One may notice a gray or yellow discoloration on your skin, areas of darkened skin, or an unhealthy pale color. Some patients have also reported seeing thick, yellowish skin with bumps or cysts.

swelling of the skin

Swelling in any part of the body is considered “abnormal.” However, when the kidneys are at risk, your skin begins to swell. Why does this happen? That’s because your kidneys are the organs that help remove excess fluid and salt from your body. But when kidney health is not in good condition, fluid can build up in the body, leading to unexplained swelling in the legs, ankles, feet, face, or hands..


Another warning symptom of kidney disease is unexplained blisters or rashes, which can be painful and bothersome. Why does this happen? When the kidneys cannot remove waste products from the body, a rash or pimple can develop on the skin. Sometimes, one can also develop spots.

calcium deposits

Anyone with any type of kidney disease may notice calcium deposits under the skin near a joint in the elbows, knees, or fingers. Kidney functions are very important for the body, as they help balance minerals such as sodium and phosphate in the blood. When the kidneys cannot be healthy, they fail to perform and thus this can lead to the development of calcium deposits in the skin..

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