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Cairo Airport Customs seizes two attempts to smuggle a number of gold bars

Customs officers in the second department at Customs Building No. 3 at Cairo International Airport headed by Ahmed Ali, Director of the Customs Department, were able to seize an attempt to smuggle a number of gold bars in violation of Law No. 68 of 1976 regarding the control of precious metals and valuable stones and its amendments and Law No. 1 of 1994 regarding weight, measurement and measure Law No. 111 of 1980 regarding stamp tax, Customs Law No. 207 of 2020, and Import and Export Law No. 118 of 1975.

While completing the procedures for inspecting passengers coming from Dubai on EgyptAir flight No. 902, Ahmed Ajami, the official appointed to the customs committee, suspected the first two Sudanese passengers, A. M . A and the second a. p. m, due to the short travel period, as they each carry one bag.

They were asked whether they had anything to disclose or were due to pay taxes and customs duties, and they answered in the negative.

Dr. Hussein Heikal, acting customs director, assigned Ahmed Ajami and Abdullah Hamdy, customs officials under the supervision of Hani Abu Taleb, director of movement and supervisor of the arrival hall, to search their luggage and self-search. It was found that there were 4 gold bars weighing 4 kilograms hidden under personal clothing on the body of the first passenger and 5 gold bars weighing 5 kg hidden under personal clothing on the body of the second passenger, with a total weight of 9 kg.

Ahmed Ali, Director of the Customs Department, decided to take legal measures and write seizure report Nos. 108 and 109 for the year 2022 on the incident after the presentation to Ali Ibrahim Abdel Latif, advisor to the head of the Customs Authority.

This comes in implementation of the instructions of Shahat Ghaturi, head of the Customs Authority, to tighten control over customs ports and to thwart all customs evasion attempts.

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