Alaa Abu Al-Qasim achieves fifth place in the Grand Prix of the Finch Weapon in Korea

Alaa Abu Al-Qassem, silver medalist of the London 2012 Olympics, won the fifth place in the men’s fencing Grand Prix, which will be hosted by Incheon, Korea, from May 13 to 15.

Abul-Qasim began his career in the tournament from the main round of 64, defeating Hong Kong player Siu Lan Sheng 15-13, then Abul-Qasim defeated France’s Alexandre Seydoux in the round of 32, 15-10.

In the quarter-finals, Abul-Qassem defeated Poland’s Anders Radowski 15-8, and finally ended his career in the tournament after losing in the quarter-finals to French player Maximiline Chastain.

Noting that Mohamed Hamza ranked tenth after the end of his career in the championship in the final price, and Muhammad Hassan ranked 66th.

This is the last fencing tournament before the start of the African Championships and the World Championships.

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