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7 pounds, a decline in poultry prices in Egypt… and a kilo at 35 pounds

Poultry prices in Egypt witnessed a decrease of 7 pounds per kilo on the farm after the end of Ramadan, and the demand for poultry decreased, as the price of the kilo decreased from 42 pounds for the delivery of farm land in the last week of Ramadan to 35 pounds per kilo currently.

“The Seventh Day” monitored the farmer announcing declines in prices in Sunday’s trading, by handing over the factory land to record 35 pounds per kilo, and it may vary from one governorate to another, and the price of the kilo to the consumer reaches approximately 40 pounds.

In a related context, the prices of eggs witnessed a slight decline in the different farms. A carton of white eggs recorded a price of 52 pounds, red eggs 57 pounds, and municipal eggs 55.5 pounds per carton.

In addition to the previous prices, the costs of transportation as well as the profits of traders, which makes there is a clear difference in prices from one governorate to another and from one region to another.

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