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4 tasks of the Ministry of Communications in the projects of the initiative of a decent life.. Get to know them

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology participates in an important role in implementing some of the pillars of the Dignified Life Initiative, including the development of communications infrastructure, especially the establishment of a fiber-optic cable network, coverage of targeted villages with mobile phone network services, provision of post offices to serve citizens and promote human development. The main ones are:

1- Building a fiber-optic cable network

Fixed broadband high-speed Internet is vital and imperative for the citizen, just as important as clean water and electricity, and it gives citizens the opportunity to receive better training, education and wider employment opportunities.

The Ministry of Communications aims to develop services and facilities for all Egyptian villages, which are about 4,500 Egyptian villages, especially government buildings, homes, hospitals, schools, service centers and others. The number of beneficiaries is more than 58 million citizens in more than 3 million families, and the buildings in these villages will be connected using the optical fiber network within three years.

During the first phase of the mega project of the “Decent Life” initiative, a network of fiber-optic cables will be established, aiming to connect 1,400 villages, including one million buildings, in one year, and in the next stages, the entire target villages will be covered.

2- Strengthening mobile phone networks

In this initiative, the Ministry of Communications seeks to provide the infrastructure for mobile phone services (internet or mobile phone voice services) and is interested in the cell towers project, to cover all areas targeted by mobile phone services, and a huge number of towers are being built that will be erected in villages and areas covered by the Hayat initiative generous, to strengthen communication and internet services, and then a promising investment opportunity is available to establish and manufacture cell towers in these areas.

This is in addition to adopting the infrastructure sharing model and building compatibility towers, i.e. in one tower, the equipment of two companies can be shared and the customers of the two companies are served, and thus the service-providing companies can share the towers, which reduces the investment cost and improves the level of service.

3- Availability of advanced postal services

Work is underway to develop about 1,000 Egyptian Post offices in the targeted villages, while providing all offices with automated teller machines (ATMs) to make it easier for citizens to disburse their cash dues, in order to improve the level of services provided to citizens and to transform post offices into outlets aimed at providing electronic government services.

Work is underway to develop post offices and provide them with the latest systems and advanced solutions, so that citizens can obtain government services and all other financial and postal services provided by Egypt Post.

4- Promote human development

The Ministry of Communications is adopting the “Digital Literacy” campaign within the framework of the Dignified Life initiative, as part of the efforts made by the Ministry of Communications to promote digital inclusion and digital literacy and to build and develop the capabilities of the Egyptian citizen.

The Ministry of Communications also holds educational seminars for capacity-building and digital literacy for citizens of all social groups in the targeted villages and aims to spread and enhance digital culture and financial inclusion in the targeted villages, in order to raise digital awareness among citizens of the digital services available on the platforms of various government agencies such as health, education, catering and utilities as well as available services With the “Digital Egypt” platform, and developing their capabilities to use and benefit from it.

This is in addition to joint cooperation with the Ministry of Local Development to provide job opportunities for young people, which are “Your job is next to your village”, “Your job is from your home”, and “Our future is digital” to be implemented within the national project to develop Egyptian rural villages within the framework of the presidential initiative “A decent life” to rehabilitate youth Of both sexes, in villages targeted for free labor market and remote work inside and outside Egypt, and providing them with job opportunities in information technology companies, which helps in providing them with a monthly income and a decent life.

In addition to supporting small, medium and micro enterprises through the Local Development Fund and your project program, as part of that funding can be provided to support projects related to communications and information technology, which helps in providing direct and indirect job opportunities.

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