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1.9 billion pounds in taxes and fees at Port Said customs last April

Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, reviewed the efforts made by customs officials to overcome obstacles and facilitate customs procedures for the business community, through customs exemptions for imported strategic goods. Which contributes to improving the performance of work in customs administrations, reducing the time of customs release, meeting the needs of the local market, and contributing to price stability.

The Minister received a report from El-Shahat Ghaturi, Head of the Customs Authority, in which he indicated that the Central Administration of Port Said Customs and Free Zone released 1,390 final incoming customs certificates, last April, for various types of strategic and general merchandise, including: “wheat, pulses, corn, cars and spare parts.”

The report added that the taxes and customs fees collected on the import certificates amounted to 336 million and 944 thousand pounds, while the total value-added taxes and other fees collected from these certificates amounted to one billion and 592 million and 633 thousand pounds.

The report indicated that the General Administration of Exports at Port Said Customs, during last April, exported 1,784 customs declarations issued under various customs systems, with a total value of one billion and 948 million and 857 thousand pounds for various types of strategic goods and general merchandise, including: “foodstuffs and juices.” .

The report indicated that the total taxes, customs duties, taxes and other fees collected at Port Said customs during last April amounted to about one billion and 929 million and 777 thousand pounds.

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