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Gargash: The smooth transition of power in the UAE reflects the level of its governance mechanisms

The Presidential Adviser in the Emirates, Anwar Gargash, highlighted the “smooth transition” of power in his country, and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed assumed the presidency of the state.

In a series of tweets via “Twitter”, Gargash said that “the smooth transition of power in our country reflects the sobriety of institutional work and the advanced level of governance mechanisms and their stability.”“.

He added: “We are all confident in the leadership of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, who is an exceptional leader and a national leader who is distinguished by wisdom, sound vision, and a high position regionally and internationally.“.

Gargash stressed that “the UAE is proceeding with its leadership towards further progress and prosperity. May God protect our country, leadership and people, and have mercy on Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed”.“.

Earlier on Saturday, the Supreme Council of the Federation in the Emirates unanimously elected Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan as the country’s president.

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