Al-Ahly qualified for the African Champions League final for the 15th time in history and the third in a row

Al-Ahly club succeeded in qualifying for the final of the African Champions League for the 15th time in its history, after beating Algeria’s ES Setif 6/2 in the aggregate of the semi-final matches, and for the third time in a row.

Al-Ahly club fans dream of winning the third title in a row, after winning the first title at the expense of Zamalek in 2020 and South Africa’s Kaizer Chavez in 2021, and Wydad will meet Morocco this year.

Al-Ahly team qualified for the final of the African Champions League after drawing with ES Setif of Algeria with two goals for each team in the match that brought them together on Saturday evening at the July 5 Stadium in the Algerian capital, in the second leg of the semi-finals of the African Champions League.

Ahmed Abdel-Qader scored for Al-Ahly and scored for ES Setif Ahmed Al-Qandousi before Riyad Bin Ayyad added the second goal of the owners of the land, and Mohamed Sherif scored the equalizing goal for Al-Ahly. The first leg match with a clean four and tied in the second leg in Algeria with a score of 2 / 2.

Al-Ahly scored an early goal in the second minute of the match, signed by Ahmed Abdelkader, from the industry of Percy Tau, who put a magic touch for him in the back of ES Setif’s defense and placed it to the left of ES Setif goalkeeper Sofiane Khadaria.

Percy Tau threatened ES Setif’s goal with a direct shot in the fourth minute, but it reached far from the goal, and Al-Ahly was the best in the first quarter of an hour, at a time when a state of frustration dominated the owners of the land after receiving a new goal at home.

ES Setif got a fixed free kick in the 23rd minute from the left side of Al-Ahly, which was played by Abdelmoumen Gabo, a cross inside the Al-Ahly penalty area, but the Red Defense dealt with it well. To adjust the result, but the vigilance of the red defense prevented him from reaching El-Shennawy’s goal.

Riad Ben Ayad, ES Setif’s player, threatened Al-Ahly’s goal in the 40th minute after he headed a header that El-Shennawy kept away, and the danger of the hosts continued, before the Algerian player hit a direct shot at El-Shennawy’s goal, but it passed away from the goal

Ahmed Kandoussi scored the equalizer for ES Setif in the first minute of stoppage time for the first half, from an organized attack by the Algerian team on the Red Defense, before the match ended with a tie for the two teams with one goal for each team.

ES Setif was active at the beginning of the second half in an attempt to modify the result, at a time when Al-Ahly players were satisfied with the defensive coverage, and their offensive annexation was absent in the first quarter of an hour in the second half. The guests took a free kick from the right front as a result of the ball touching the hand of Mohamed Hani, and the ball was played directly inside the penalty area, but it passed outside the field.

ES Setif threatened Al-Ahly’s goal with an organized attack from the right front, and it was shot at Al-Ahly’s goal, but El-Shennawy caught it, while Riad scored ES Setif’s second goal in the 61st minute from a long-range shot that hit the ground and deceived El-Shennawy and wobbled into the net.

Al-Ahly made its first changes in the 68th minute, when Rami Rabia and Afsha went down instead of Hussein Al-Shahat and Ahmed Abdel-Qader to secure the back line of the red team. ES Setif threatened Al-Ahly’s goal in the 70th minute, but Yasser Ibrahim sent it away to a corner kick.

Play was stopped in the 83rd minute, after Eliod Yang complained of a knee injury before returning to the pitch again, while Al-Ahly made two new changes in the 86th minute, with Mohamed Sharif and Ahmed Nabil Koka coming down instead of Taher Mohamed and Alu Diang, to improve performance in light of the decline in offensive performance. For the red team.

Al-Ahly made its fifth and final change in the 90th minute, with Ayman Ashraf replacing Yasser Ibrahim after he complained of a muscle injury, while Mohamed Sharif scored the equalizing goal for Al-Ahly in the 93rd minute of the match after Percy Tau took advantage of an ES Setif player’s mistake and cut the ball and passed it to Sharif, who shot it directly. The referee blows the whistle at the end of the match, with the two teams tied 2-2.

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