Ajayi: I left Al-Ahly for technical reasons.. Diang, Percy Tao, and Al-Sulayya are the closest to me

Junior Ajayi, the current Libyan player of Al-Nasr and the former Al-Ahly club, confirmed that he is watching all the matches of the Red Genie during a period he is facing in Libya, indicating that he is still communicating with the players.

Ajayi said in statements to the “Koora Every Day” program broadcast on Al-Hayat channel: “I know Al-Ahly well, and I am confident that the red team can crown the African Champions League title in the heart of Morocco.. Facing Moroccan Wydad at their stadium is a great advantage for Al-Ahly.”

The current Libyan Al-Nasr player, and the former Al-Ahly club, confirmed that the results of the Red Team are declining at the local level due to the cohesion of matches and stress.

Ajayi said: “Al-Ahly club is able to win the third title in a row in Africa, and the stadium does not matter against a team like Al-Ahly. Percy Tau and Miccione, the players of the red team, have great capabilities, and I am confident that they will become the best players in Egypt and Africa.”

And the former Al-Ahly star continued, that his departure from the Red Genie was for technical reasons, indicating that it was time for him to leave the team, saying, “I spent 5 wonderful years inside Al-Ahly Club, and I left the team in a good way.”

And the former Al-Ahly club player added: “Alio Diang, Percy Tao and Amr Al-Sulayya are the closest to me from Al-Ahly players during the current period.”

Al-Ahly club succeeded in qualifying for the final of the African Champions League for the 15th time in its history, after beating Algeria’s ES Setif 6/2 in the aggregate of the semi-final matches, and for the third time in a row.

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