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310 billion pounds for health allocations in the new fiscal year

The allocations for health and education in the state’s new general budget exceeded the stipulated constitutional entitlements, despite the challenges of Corona and the pressures it imposes on the state’s general budget. The new budget revealed an increase in allocations in some important sectors.

During its new fiscal year budget, the government seeks to achieve global ratios in the allocations for these two files, especially as they are the main basis for building the Egyptian person.

It revealed its balance sheet for the new fiscal year

1- Allocating 310 billion pounds to health

2- 476.3 billion pounds for university and pre-university education

3- 79.3 billion pounds for scientific research, in a way that contributes to enhancing spending on human development

4- 10.9 billion pounds for health insurance and treatment of those who are unable at the state’s expense,

5- Continuing the gradual expansion of the comprehensive health insurance system in the governorates,

6- 18.5 billion pounds for medicines and medical supplies

7- Continuing support for the “100 Million Health” initiatives to eliminate Hepatitis C and “eliminate waiting lists” and raise the efficiency of hospitals, and launch the presidential initiative to increase intensive care beds and nurseries.

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